Mr. Iliyasu B. Gashinbaki, FCNA, CFE, CrFA Chairman (F)

Chairman, The Society for Forensic Accounting & Fraud Prevention (SFAFP) Iliyasu Gashinbaki has enjoined newly inducted members of the society to brace up to combat fraud frontally, which the 2018 Global Report on Fraud put at $3.87 Trillion world-wide.
Gashinbaki said forensic accounting is the only sure way to stop the ugly trend, adding that the complexities and diversity of the financial system today require more than just ordinary accounting skills. “Forensic Accounting is a combination of Law, IT, Data Analytics, Psychology and Economics. It is a must skill for the 21st century accountant,” he stated
He spoke at the recent induction of 152 new members as associates at ICPC’s Anti-Corruption Academy in Keffi, Nassarawa State.
Explaining the next step for the inductees, SFAFP Executive Secretary, Dr. Abuchi Ogbuju said they are expected to attend an intensive 12 week programme to qualify as Forensic Accountants. “The training module is designed for weekend participation and continuous assessment tests. There is also a mandatory 2-week residential Forensic Tool Kit training and moot court trial for all trainees,” he said.
For appropriate training experience, each class is pegged at a maximum of 35 trainees. Training for the next set will commence May/June, 2020