Dear all,
It is no longer news that we are in the 2nd week of the lockdown extension not only in
Lagos State, Ogun State & FCT, but in many other States of the Federation. We at the
Secretariat are in the same dare but sad situation.
We were told that Nigeria is still on the climbing side of the pandemic meaning that, more
infections will be expected in the weeks ahead until we hit the peak. However, know that
the power to stay safe is in our hands literally, therefore we must determine to do it right
and survive the scourge. Maintain all the rules given to us by the medics and continue
in our prayers that the pandemic will come to pass.
This is not a death sentence! My elder sister, a nurse in Canada, got contaminated in her
hospital without knowing it, and infected her house hold. All of them have left the danger
listing and are recovering greatly.
Like it was said, ‘the curve will flatten after all the turbulence’ and we will go back to our
Meanwhile, immediately we are out of the situation, we will pass on to everyone, the new
schedules and adjustments in the time tables to be drafted, so that we move on with the
You may link up with International Forensic Magazine at
for free journals to also keep you engaged.
Give a helping hand now to your neighbor while being careful; keep up a smiling face and
be sure to stay safe.
Dr. Abuchi Ed. Ogbuju, CrFA(F), FCNA, CFE
Executive Secretary

Society for forensic accounting and fraud prevention.
Issued: 17th April, 2020