About Us

Integrity, Excellence, Service.

Aims and Objectives of the Institute

  1. To promote the practice of forensic accounting and fraud prevention
  2. To set the professional standards, create a body of knowledge and certify practitioner involved in the practice of forensic accounting and fraud prevention
  3. To determine and regulate the Professional conduct of members of the society
  4. To advance the frontiers of knowledge through research , training and capacity building of professionals engaged in the practice of forensic accounting  and fraud prevention
  5. To ensure that global best practices are employed in fraud prevention  and the promotion of forensic accounting
  6. To apply forensic auditing techniques to prevent fraud
  7. To facilitate the prevention, detection, investigation and successful prosecution of economic crimes and in particular cases involving fraud
  8. To identify and help mitigate the potential for white collar crime within an organization.
  9. To minimize the propensity for fraud and theft to translate action into substantial savings of both time and resources.
  10. To identify the critical steps of an internal fraud investigation  leading to a structured forensic audit as a proactive fraud prevention measure.
  11. To apply accounting skills to track and collect forensic evidence for investigation  and the prosecution of criminal acts, and
  12. To work in a team environment , both within and outside the country to achieve set goals related to the building of the knowledge of Forensic auditing.